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Draft Chapters of Part II: WARS OF NATIONS AND EMPIRES, 1830s-1910s



Chapter 10:
Gendering War: Wars of Nations and Empires, 1830s-1910s—Overview (PDF)

(Dirk Bönker, Duke University, Department of History, and Mischa Honeck, German Historical Institute Washington D.C.)

Chapter 11:
Mobilization for War and Nation: Gender, Culture and Propaganda in Nineteenth Century Europe and the United States (PDF)
(Robert Nye, Oregon State University, Department of History)

Chapter 12:
Gender and the Wars of Nation-building in Europe, 1830s-1870s (PDF)
(Mark R. Stoneman, German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C.)

Chapter 13:
Gender and the Wars of Nation-building and–keeping in the Americas, 1830s-1870s (PDF)

(Amy S. Greenberg, Penn State University, Department of History)

Chapter 14:
Gendered Bodies, Imperialism and Militarism in Western Societies, 1870s-1910s (PDF)

(Michael Geyer, University of Chicago, Department of History)

Chapter 15:
Imperial Conquest, Violent Encounters and Changing Gender Relations in the Colonies: The Social Impact of Colonial Warfare, 1830s-1910s (PDF)
(Angela Woollacott, Australian National University, School of History)

Chapter 16:
White Warriors? Imperial Struggle, Race and the Making of ‘White Men’ in Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century Warfare (PDF)
(Marilyn Lake, The University of Melbourne, The School of Historical and Philosophical Studies)

Chapter 17:
New Modes of Warfare, the Violated Body and the Gendering of Professional Military Medical Care in Continental and Colonial Wars, 1850s-1920s (PDF)
(Jean Quataert, Binghamton University SUNY, Department of History)